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I am very grateful for the generous support you have given to the many organizations and programs in Surrey over the years.  I wish you the best!

- David Dalley, Surrey Neighboring Faiths

Jas is an immigrant woman, with experience in progressive social movements,  a person with managerial experience who came up the ranks who hasn't lost her compassion for those in need of help to make a better life for themselves as well, and a person in touch with local issues who can see the bigger picture.

- Lorne Malen 

Jas has been a committed and untiring supporter of Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation of which she has been a Board Member since 2003. Jas is an outstanding member of the Surrey community who has contributed tirelessly to building bridges and fostering relationships between the South Asian community and the Foundation, all for the benefit of the wider community

- Jacy Wingson, Partner
McQuarrie Hunter LLP Barristers & Solicitors

I have know and worked with Jas Cheema as a Board Member of Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation for the 8 years that she served in that capacity. She has been an outstanding, hard working and devoted member of our community. 

- Sherrold Haddad, Owner of Flag Chevrolet Oldsmobile

I have known Jas for 13 years and this year have worked with her as a Trustee for the Surrey Libraries. In her role as Chair of Surrey Libraries I have been most impressed with her abilities and her capacity for hard work. She is a pleasure to work with and can always be relied upon to get the job completed.

- Marina Haddad, Board Member Surrey Libraries

​​I have known Jas Cheema through the community for the past 10 years. She is an outspoken​, vibrant leader who has been very involved in local initiatives. I would highly recommend her to be a positive voice and representative in the community.

- Karnal Mangat, President GN Sporting Club

It is my honour and pleasure to recommend Jas. I had the privilege to be Jas' teacher, research partner, colleague, and friend when she was a MA student at Royal Roads University, a researcher at Fraser Health Authority, an associate faculty at Royal Roads University, and a passionate intercultural and diversity communication leader for better understanding and interaction for the people in BC and Canada. Jas is an excellent teacher, researcher, and leader in educational, health care, and other communities. She has contributed more than many other intercutluralists to her community with great passion and vision.

- Dr. Z. Li, Associate Professor

Royal Roads University

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