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Jas Cheema, a Model of Intercultural Understanding

The New View, July 2012

"[...] Her work has focused on education on topics such as health, violence, women's issues, and hospice care. "Healthcare and literacy are key pillars of a healthy and vibrant community. The investments I'm making in sharing my knowledge and earnings will, I hope, bear fruits for future generations," said Cheema.

"As Chair of the Literacy for Life Cam- paign, I wanted to support the Surrey Libraries' mission of providing and promoting access to local and global information and ideas, encouraging literacy and supporting lifelong learning for all Surrey residents," said Cheema.

Darpan's 10: Q&A with Jas Cheema

Darpan Magazine, March 2012

What is your immigration story to Canada?
"I immigrated to Canada from Punjab in the mid-70s with my parents. I am thankful to my father for having the courage to come to Canada despite all the hurdles in his way. I don’t think my parents could of imagined how much I would accomplish, some days I think they’re in disbelief about how successful their little girl has been (they come from a very traditional Indian family/little village, where Grade 12 was considered “really educated” for a girl, let alone university or leadership positions)."

Super Trustee

The Link Newspaper, May 2012

"Jas Cheema, Chair of the Surrey Libraries’ Board,  was awarded Super Trustee by the British Columbia Library Trustees Association (BCLTA) on May 12th.  The Super Trustee award recognizes trustees who have made a major contribution to their libraries. BCLTA represents the boards and trustees that govern local public libraries in British Columbia. Cheema has been an indispensable resource and advocate for Surrey Libraries, leading several milestone achievements in her time on the Board, including the development of the City Centre Library and as a Chair of the Literacy for Life Major Gifts Campaign. “Literacy is a key foundation for a healthy community.  I am helping build this foundation with my committee work.  I truly believe the fruits of our labours will be borne throughout the years and generations to come,” Cheema said"

jass-cheema creating change for a better

Jas Cheema:  Creating Change for a Better Tomorrow

“At the core of all the work I undertake is service or Seva: create change for a better tomorrow.  This is what motivates me and encourages me … a better tomorrow for one and all.”

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